Wizaron Thirsty for Knowledge!



When we have a question, usually we reach out to the Web for answers. We browse through a bunch of web-sites or videos that answer our question often only partially, often with the same repeating information (as a result of "rewriting" practice). Or we even get non-relevant answers that have nothing to do with the question. In this process we loose significant amount of time and sometimes even give up.

The web today is full of misinformation, repetitive articles and low-value content for the purpose of making fast profits.

How do we find high value, relevant and reliable information in this forest?


Wizaron identifies and gathers only high quality sources, selected with the help of expert editors and the community. These sources may offer few different views on a question or a problem, giving more options.

What Wizaron is not?

Wizaron is neither a coach or a guru to guide you how to think or act. Instead, it wants to encourage your critical thinking, to analyze and question things, look at them from a few different angles, before making your opinion or decision to act.


Select the best sources that answer people's questions, helping them make wise decisions.


A world of people who make wise decisions based on knowledge and experience.

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