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Become Stand-up Comedian

(Learning to Do Stand-Up)
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How to become a stand-up comedian? Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs solo in front of a live audience telling jokes directly to them. It has recently exploded in popularity with the rise of Netflix which is rising an entirely new generation of would be comics interested in learning the craft.
  • r/standup, a subreddit (online community) of professional and amateur stand-up comics, has published a post with the essential guide for those wishing to get started on stand-up.
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  • A on-line standup comedy course by comic John Roy, designed to get you out there on Open Mics. The class gets you to craft a five minute set, gives you confidence to perform it at a showcase teaches you a process for perfecting jokes and improving live performance.
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  • A podcast about the craft of stand-up comedy hosted by two New York City comedians.
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  • Often a recommended read by experienced comedians, "How to Write Funny: Your Serious, Step-By-Step Blueprint For Creating Incredibly, Irresistibly, Successfully Hilarious Writing" is a practical bible of humor writing by the creator of The Onion, Scott Dikkers.
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  • An 8 minute video presenting a few common comedic techniques followed by examples of real comedians using them masterfully.
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