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Climate Change

Global Warming
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What is climate change? What causes it? What causes global warming and what are its consequences? How to prepare for climate changes?

There is plenty of information on the Web about climate change, often from unreliable sources. On this page you will find selected sources that approach the topics of climate change or global warming in a scientifically objective manner.

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  • Publication produced and reviewed by authoritative scientists, with the intention to give a simple overview of climate change for decision makers, policy makers, educators, and other individuals. It's a free e-book.
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  • The climatologist answers the most frequently asked questions about climate change - and explains it from a scientific perspective.
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  • Meteorologist J. Marshall Shepherd explains in a fun way why people are skeptical of scientific explanations and what influences our perception. He explains this on the example of climate change.
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  • Giving 10 charts based on scientific data that explain the climate change in visual way.
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  • Explaining how underwater farms can help producing "cleaner" food, only if they avoid methods seen in industrial agriculture.
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  • Climate change teaching material prepared by NASA. Consists of simple explanations, images of climate change, animations and mobile applications.
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