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Climate Justice

Environmental justice, Climate rights, Climate action, Climate movement, Climate change litigation
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Climate justice aims to address the fact that people and nations that are the least responsible for climate change are those who suffer from it most. Proponents of the concept suggest that both local and global action is required to address this challenge.

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  • The talk gives a concise introduction to the concept and provides real-world examples of its application. It also suggests what types of action are needed for the timely move from conversation to action.
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  • The report provides insights into the status of climate change litigation, which is an area of climate justice that leads with compensations from climate-related damages.
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  • The article by an authoritative international NGO contrasts real and fictional solutions for climate justice. It provides critical insights regarding carbon markets and emphasizing the key role of community-based initiatives, renewable energy, and just transition.
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  • The foundation drives global collaboration on climate justice issues, supports vulnerable communities and outlines key principles for effective action in this field.
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  • The short introduction by Greenpeace emphasizes three key steps anyone can take for a more climate just world.
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  • The alliance unites over 70 grassroots organizations building climate just communities in the U.S. The website provides up-to-date news on the most recent initiatives in the field and frequently features position- statements on pertinent issues in the field of national and global significance.
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  • Led by an activist Greta Tunberg, the movement focuses on the right of the youth for a livable future climate. It strongly emphasizes the scientific evidence for climate action and allows people to unite for global strikes in hundreds of cities across the globe.
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  • The report provides an in-depth overview of climate justice history and prospects. It also outlines key solutions that can help to bring it to life, including moving away from fossil fuels, the just transition to renewables, degrowth, ecosystem restoration and circular economy.
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  • The global network of organizations looks into climate justice within the broader set of human rights and justice initiatives. It frequently publishes reports and statements on the state-of-the-art issues in the field.
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  • Educational video by PBS network explaining in simple terms why is climate change not fair to all people, specially for those with lower income.
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