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Content Marketing Strategy

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How to develop a content marketing strategy? Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to developing a targeted audience through the consistent creation of valuable, relevant content. Usually the ultimate goal is to generate and nurture leads to convert into customers. Example: some corporate blogs provide interesting content to keep their target audience interested and engaged with the brand, establishing it as an authority (and top of mind!) in their market.
  • The popular social media scheduling tool, Buffer offer a free comprehensive content marketing strategy template to get your planning started.
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  • Content marketing 101 learning videos as well as keynote talks from the Content Marketing World Conference and Expo.
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  • Contently's blog is one of the best sources for content marketers to stay up to date with industry news, reports, case studies and useful resources. Free courses available too.
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  • Neil Patel is on of the world's more prominent digital marketers and his twitter feed is a constant source of knowledge on topics such as content marketing, full of practical tips. Follow to stay up to date with his daily podcast on the same subject.
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  • Leading inbound marketing company Hubspot publishes a blog with free resources on all things content marketing (and more!), including this useful guide detailing how to create a successful content marketing strategy to help you reach your audience and boost conversions.
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