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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is human-centered approach to creative problem solving. It's a discipline sitting at the intersection of people's needs, technological possibilities and business requirements.
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  • Standford's d.school reading list is a great resource of recommended books for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of design thinking and its application.
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  • Tony Fadell, founder of Nest Labs and a designer behind the first iPod illustrates an important aspect of design thinking in his TED talk: “it’s seeing the invisible problem, not just the obvious problem, that’s important, not just for product design, but for everything we do.”
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  • A free online course offered by the University of Virginia providing the tools needed to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities.
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  • Top portal for green design, covering topics from architecture, green energy to product design.
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  • An animated 4-minute video explaining what design thinking is all about with real life examples.
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