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Fighting Insomnia

(Sleep Disorder)
How to achieve good night's sleep? How to fight insomnia? How to fall asleep?
Weaker or heavier forms of insomnia affect almost every one of us. In this resource selection, there are tips and instructions how to fall asleep faster and easier using different techniques and approaches.
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  • I have a problem with insomnia for years, but it's not anything special – the same problem had my father, my aunts, and now I. I sleep well only about every second night, and when I have some problem even more seldom. I've read a lots of articles and tried out many methods some of whom work – some times. I realized that the biggest problem for me was – overthinking. Specially when I wake in the middle of the night and I can't stop my brain from thinking about everything and everyone (not useful at all!). These methods below helped me the most: 1. Some kind of my unique autogenic training – I lay down comfortably on my back and make my breathing deep (breath in 1,2,3 – breath out 1,2,3). Then I start relaxing body parts, starting from my toes saying, "Toes on my right foot are relaxed, heel on the right foot is relaxed, my right shin is relaxed, my right knee is relaxed, my whole right foot is relaxed". Then continue with the left foot, internal organs (testicals, stomach, lungs, heart), both hands, and finally head, from chin to the brain. Finally repeat to yourself few times, "My whole body is relaxed" and stay in this position until you fall asleep. 2. I lay down, relax with the help of some short version of autogenic training from above and then very slowly count to 10 – very often I fall asleep before reaching the end. 3. For me it helped the melatonin spray. I don't like to use this heavy sleeping pills because they make me drugged and sleepy the whole day afterwards. 1. To fall asleep, it is important to calm the brain, i.e. eliminate overthinking. 2. Autogenic training can help to occupy the brain and relax the body which could lead to falling asleep.
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  • WikiHow category with many resourceful articles on how to fall asleep - to prepare the environment, do some brain exercising and some other useful techniques.
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  • Video exercise for implementing autogenic training. Use it to relax and fall asleep through relaxing all your muscles.
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  • Use autogenic training to fall asleep. The method first developed by the German doctor Johannes Schultz, will teach you how to sef-product feeling of warmth and heaviness in your body - which will lead to sleep.
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  • Simple overview of the basic mechanism of insomnia. Contains also some useful advices on how to break the cycles of sleeplessness. Use it as a basic introduction to this topic.
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  • Youtube has many videos for sleep hypnosis and all of them are similarly efficient. Find your own combination of voice and sounds that suit you, and fall asleep fast.
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  • The famous U.S. Army technique tried out by the journalist and desribed in this article. Maybe you benefit from this first-hand experience.
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