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The latest reports have found that the alternative workforce is no longer alternative. Freelancing has gone mainstream and is an increasingly common career choice globally. Freelancers are the fastest-growing labor group in the European Union already and self-employed workers in the US is projected to triple to 42 million people by 2020. These resources help you get started and thrive working for yourself.
  • An article full of advice on how start freelancing, finding those first clients and turning it into a full-time career.
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  • Gary Vee is quintessential hustler and the go-to guy for when you need a motivation boost to keep you going forward on your freelancing journey. New videos updated daily on his youtube channel.
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  • Podcast with guest interviews where successful freelancers and agency owners share details of how their business works so you can start or grow a sustainable freelancing business.
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  • Comprehensive list of resources for freelancers, from how-to guides to tools, platforms, apps and useful information to help manage every aspect of freelance life.
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  • In this Udemy course, Seth Godin explains what it means to be a freelancer, regardless of your industry, and teaches you how to choose your clients, produce remarkable work, build your reputation and how to price your work.
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  • Online community with over 100,000 freelancers sharing useful tips with other professional and would-be freelancers.
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