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Green Travel

(Ecotourism, Sustainable Tourism, Green Travel, Sustainable Travel, Slow Travel, Responsible Tourism)

Green tourism aims to lower negative impact of travel and tourism on the environment and ensure positive impact on local communities and ecosystems.
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Learn from Wise Resources

  • The podcast series dives into social issues surrounding responsible travel, including decent work, child protection, safety and health of the people working in the sector.
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  • The article provides a lucid definition of sustainable tourism and outlines its key areas of impact and suggest 25 ways to practice it in real life.
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  • The hands-on guide for companies includes all the essential knowledge to get started with sustainable tourism, including advice on making sustainable choices profitable and considering the preferences of different sustainability-seeking travelers.
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  • The article gives extensive practical advice on key areas of sustainable tourism and provides guidance on how to differentiate responsible travel choices and green-washing.
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  • From New Mexico to Antarctica, the article provides a variety of examples of how to travel responsibly across multiple contexts and cultures. It also introduces the concepts of carbon-neutral travel and voluntarism.
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  • The article features a series of carefully selected films, TED talks and animated videos that look at tourism from the broad context of sustainability.
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  • The project provides a birds-view of the field, including relevant statistics, green labels, over 80 best practices and more than 25 case studies sorted by categories. It also allows testing your knowledge of sustainable tourism.
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  • The article provides an extensive pool of resources for sustainable travel in the region focused on sustainable tourism owners, including resources on getting certified, green label options, food and beverage choices as well as reducing waste and emissions.
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  • The report looks into differences between many faces of sustainable tourism and provides a snapshot of the field's state of the art in Northern Ireland.
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  • Green Key is one of the leading global eco-labels in the field of green tourism, featuring a database of 3100+ certified hotels in 57 countries. The website also features top quality and up-to-date resources on the topic aimed at different audiences.
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