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How to play poker?

(How to Play Texas Holdem, Poker for Beginners, Casual Poker)
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Poker is a card game that involves gambling but also a great deal of strategy and skill. It has exploded in popularity and is played all over the world both recreationally and professionally. This list of resources was compiled for beginners wanting to learn the most popular Poker game: Texas Holdem.
  • A 5-minute crash course on how to play all the starting hands in No-Limit Texas Hold'em and win more at the poker table.
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  • The Poker Stars beginners guide with hand rankings and official Texas Holdem rules.
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  • Review some of the typical mistakes that beginners make when playing Texas hold’em so you can avoid them.
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  • With over 2 million downloads, this is a podcast for the poker player on the go with mini-coaching session and valuable concepts to be learned.
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  • A 30-minute Poker 101 lesson designed to teach complete beginners how to play Texas Holdem.
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