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Top Sources on Meditation Training

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How to meditate? How to gain most benefits from meditation? Meditation refers to the mind training exercises used by spiritual traditions from all over the world. The meditative mental training was based on exercises in regulating attention. Two main types of meditation are based on sustaining concentration on a chosen imaginary point, bodily sensation or a repeated phrase (Focused Attention meditation), or on observing the contents of the mind from the perspective of unbiased, external observer (mindfulness or Open Monitoring meditation).
  • A short introductory article on the webpage of Sam Harris, a popular proponent of meditation.
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  • This site provides a set of instructions of various meditations. There are a range of meditations a beginner can choose, from short to longer sessions, including both instructions and audio recordings for guided meditation.
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  • This article provides a set of useful tips for beginning meditators.
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  • This video podcast gives a very good introduction to meditation, covering the reasons why it is beneficial, the basic technique of meditation as well as the common pitfalls one can face.
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