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Jobs to Be Done

What is Jobs to Be Done? Why is it crucial for company's success to discover customer jobs? How to inovate?
Jobs to Be Done is an innovation concept that looks for what the customer wants to achieve in a given circumstance. Instead of focusing on individual actions, it looks at the system as a whole and tries to improve it. The key is to find out how the customer wants to improve themselves and their life situation, and how they imagine their life will be better if they have the right solution.
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  • Do you know why coffee and kale are actually competing? That's exactly the point of the JBTD concept - we need to see how our customers solve their problems, and it shouldn't even be one type of solution, but two completely diametric things. This book was an eye-opener for me, and I have to admit that I think about the things I read in it every day (which is why I recommend it here).
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  • Article that explains everything about JTBD with many good examples. Good to get the basic information about this innovative concept.
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