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Language Development

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How did language evolve? Can other primate species speak? How do children learn to talk? Although we take speech for granted, acquiring language is in fact a remarkable feat. This set of references explore the scientific theories of language development: how did it evolved, can other primate species speak and how young humans acquire the valuable skill of talking.

Most Helpful Resources

  • This video discusses how brain processes language, adressing how babies develop their language capacity as well as the common neurological aphasias.
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  • This video explains some popular scientific theories of language acquisition.
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  • This research paper discusses the modern theories of language from a cognitive science’s perspective. This resource would be valuable for those willing to dig deeper into the subject.
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  • This research article describes the language development among humans and other primates, discussing the role music can play in this process.
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  • This excerpt from an academic course describes the scientific research of language acquisition. Other parts of the course are also worth checking out.
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  • This is a fascinating talk in which the MIT scientist Deb Roy tells the story of the research he did on his own son’s speech development.
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