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How to learn Arabic faster? Why is Arabic so difficult to learn?
Arabic is one of the most difficult language to learn, specially to Latin-based languages speakers. Different web-references will help you to learn Arabic letters, basic phrases, but also advanced written and spoken forms.
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Learn from Wise Resources

  • Flashcards-based learning system Anki with decks for learning Arabic language. Many different combinations are available.
    Type: Android App  •  Added by dardana7 on
  • Series of videos explaining each letter in Arabic alphabet, using a lot of examples. To view all the videos, registration by the supplier's site is required.
    Type: Youtube (Channel)  •  Added by rute33 on
  • A scholarly paper by a Jakarta University student that provides an overview of YouTube as a tool for learning Arabic. Lots of helpful info for those more patient to read.
    Type: Android App  •  Added by rute33 on
  • Many good quality learning resources, from audio books, apps to ibooks and other formats.
    Type: Web (Site)  •  Added by rute33 on
  • App for learning Arabic language, using gamification approach. Good for beginner's level.
    Type: iOS App  •  Added by dardana7 on
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