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How to learn English faster?
No matter how good is your English, there is always room for improvement. See a selection of sites that will help you improve your grammar knowledge.
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Learn from Wise Resources

  • Take free online English language courses from top universities and institutions around the world to improve your English grammar, composition, conversation and writing skills.
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  • Duolingo is an app with free language classes which uses gamification to make it a fun, addictive, personalized bite-sized lessons. Join over 4 million people learning English on Duolingo, earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up your skills.
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  • A lots of practical tips and articles to improve your writing skills in English.
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  • Youtube channel with a complete English learning program with over 1,000 English language video and even live lessons.
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  • Learn languages as a game. Covers some exotic languages as well, like Croatian, Indonesian, Romanian, Vietnamese.
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  • Stories are interesting and allow you to learn English in a fun way. Every story has spoken version, with 3 speech versions: slow, normal, fast. At the end there is vocabulary quiz.
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  • Comment about - or - comment on? Most common combinations of verbs + propositions, to help you in your everyday English.
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