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(What is Meditation, Meditation Theory, Science of Meditation)
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What are benefits of meditation? How to meditate? Meditation refers to the mind training exercises used by spiritual traditions from all over the world. The meditative mental training was based on exercises in regulating attention. Two main types of meditation are based on sustaining concentration on a chosen imaginary point, bodily sensation or a repeated phrase (Focused Attention meditation), or on observing the contents of the mind from the perspective of unbiased, external observer (mindfulness or Open Monitoring meditation).

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  • This is a really good lecture from the university in California. The lecturer explains the mechanisms of meditation and how they are researched in depth. Although the lecture is academic, all facts are presented in a straight forward, easy to digest way. This a longer video for those who would like to go deeper into the subject.
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  • Good overview of the main effects of meditation.
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  • Another great article, which covers the whole spectrum of meditation effects.
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  • A Ted talk by Sara Lazar, meditation researcher. She describes the key points about the effects of meditation. This a short (8 min) capsule of basic knowledge
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  • An academic article which explores the effects of mindfulness meditation from the perspective of cognitive science
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