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(Fashion advice for men, Men's style tips)
How to be a well-dress man?
Learn how to dress for every occasion and showcase your personal style with outfits that fit your body-type and essential grooming tips.
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  • Phil Cohen's instagram feed is all about the clothes: get inspired by a new classy outfit every other day with wardrobe essentials beautifully layed out on a tabletop.
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  • In this video, Tanner Guzy goes over the wardrobe essentials for Men. His youtube channel helps men determine their style choices based on lifestyle and to support their life goals.
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  • Written by Alan Flusser, "Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion" outlines all men need to dress well and look good without having to follow shifting fashion trends.
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  • Essential styling advice for men, including fashion and grooming tips, style guides and current trends.
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  • What is "business casual"? How is it different than "smart casual" or "business professional"? This is your definite guide to the meaning of common dress codes as well as how to nail the business casual look.
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