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PMP Certificate

(Project Management Professional Certificate, PMP Exam)
What are benefits of the PMP Certificate? How to pass the PMP exam (from the first)?
Project managers in various industries around the world same very similar problems. Throughout the years these problems together with standardized responses have been collected and the Project Management Professional certificate was created and managed by the Project Management Institute.
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Learn from Wise Resources

  • Helped me a lot! Contains Answers to some very useful questions + fresh feedback from those who just passed the exam.
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  • Exam simulator recommended by many project managers who succesfully passed the PMP exam.
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  • Video instructions and explanations on different topics from the PMP Exam from a coach Nilotpal Ray.
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  • Training videos for the PMP Exam from coach Aileen Ellis, recommended by many PM's who passed the exam.
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  • PMP test simulator based on the real questions from previous exams issued by PMI
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  • I was recommended this book by a frend who passed the PMP test and some Reddit forum members, so I used it - and can recommend to everyone. It allows easier comprehension of complicated PMP terminology and, in combination with some videos and online test, helped me to pass the exam.
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  • I used this book as the main learning resources for the PMP exam, and can recommend it because it simplifies somewhat complicated PMP terminology. I combined it with some obligatory online courses and Prepcast mock exams.
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