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Psychology of Colors

(Meaning of Colors, Use of Colors in Marketing)
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How is psychology of colors affecting us? Colors affect our emotions and moods and are therefore important tool in art, marketing, interior design and many other fields. How do we react to different colors and what meaning each of them have, explore through diving into the selected articles in this list.
  • Simple and concise overview of the meaning of colors with emphasis on usage in marketing. As they state in article: 'Some colors can have different meanings, even opposing meanings, based entirely on context and application.'
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  • In a radio show series, author Wayne Hemingway analyzes the meaning of colors. He talks to scientists, artists and marketing experts - who elaborate meaning of each basic color.
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  • Simple and straitforward explanation of influence of colors on our moods and choices from a Junior high-school student.
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  • Video describing how colors are used in movies to attain a certain emotion or create a certain atmosphere. From now on you will watch movies with different eyes.
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