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Public Speaking
(Become a better public speaker, Get rid of the fear of public speaking)

How to become a better public speaker? How to get rid of the fear of public speaking? Public speaking is a presentation that's given live by one person before an audience, often on stage. Despite being a useful skill in today's modern world, the average person ranks the fear of public speaking above fear of death. This list of resources is designed to help you overcome that fear and/or become a better public speaker.
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Most Helpful Resources

  • A training documentary on public speaking and presentation skills.
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  • TED Curator Chris Anderson shares the secret to a great presentation and how you can apply this knowledge.
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  • Learn to use your voice like playing a musical instrument to increase your power and persuasiveness in any conversation or speech.
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  • Tim Ferriss shares his preparation routine ahead of his frequent public speaking engagements.
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  • Learn how to kick ass when you speak, present, or pitch with Bryan Kelly, as he shares insightful discussions with some of the best communicators today.
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  • An in-depth guide answering the question "what is public speaking and why is it important?", complete with resources on how to overcome the fear of public speaking and practicing your presentation.
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