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(Understanding the Society)

This is where references are collected that reveal different aspects of human society. Blogs, websites, reportages that talk about different people and cultures, and that are a good basis for understanding society and the individual within it.
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  • Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges criticizes US politics (on all sides) and predicts the imminent "fall of the American Empire" if it continues. ---- Society ---- ---- Regional: United States ---
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  • What started as a project of photographing the people of New York has grown into a photo blog of human destinies today. Each storyis summarized in an impressive photograph and several sentences of text. Humans are "ordinary" but destinies are "unusual" and we can find ourselves in many of them.
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  • How to tell a story about an exceptional person, movement, country or city in just 1 minute? Nuseir Yassin is a video blogger who is travelling around the world, collecting interesting stories in form of short videos.
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  • Inspirative overview of the humankind's history trying to answer the main question - how did we manage to rule over all the living creatures on Earth. It also gives us an eye-opening look at some aspects of the functioning of today's society.
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