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(Podcasting for Beginners)
How to start a podcast?
Podcast listenership continues to grow tremendously every year and so do the number of podcasts being produced. As some may say, podcasting is the new blogging. This list of resources will help you figure out if podcasting is for you as well as set you up with all the resources you need to get started.
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Learn from Wise Resources

  • Shopify's detailed guide with a step-by-step approach to starting your own podcast.
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  • A helpful checklist to make sure you have thought through your venture into podcasting and to make sure you have everything thing you need.
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  • For a beginner, choosing which recording equipment to invest in can be a daunting task. This article highlights the audio recording equipment you will need starting out, as well as some things you may want to get later as you get more serious to really build out a complete podcast studio.
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  • If you're contemplating starting a podcast and are plagued with doubt over whether or not you've already missed the podcasting boat, then this short episode of the Marketing School podcast is the right thing to encourage you.
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  • Tim Ferriss goes into detail about how he has built The Tim Ferriss Show into a podcast with over 300 million downloads.
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