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Startup Failure

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Why startups fail? Which lessons can be learned? Wise people say that failure teaches us in ways success can't and it shapes us as a person. Some of the most successful people have failed several times before they finally succeeded. Learn from other's people failures.
  • Interviews with founders of failed startups and case studies.
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  • Lessons learned from the failure of the startup called Zillionaires.
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  • Startup community gladly shares stories about the reasons of their failures. This list of 10 startup failures collects some of the best of these stories.
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  • Serial entrepreneur Neil Patel writes about how you can avoid startup failure.
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  • Failory - a community of startup founders who learn from each other - compiles a report on startup failures.
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  • Even if you are not expert at databases, this story about a failure of a startup company would be very interesting and inspiring.
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  • Kris Borghesan and Chris Buttenhammet host a podcast where they openly share struggles, unmask the stigma around failing and help other people do the same.
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