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Let me know how to survive a hurricane

(Preparation for hurricane, Storm surge, Surviving hurricane)
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How to prepare for a hurricane? How to survive a hurricane? How to reduce hurricane damage? Although hurricanes are getting stronger and stronger, the number of casualties and injured people is smaller. This is due to timely evacuation and preparations. Learn how to prepare for strong winds, surge, floods, rain, and other associated hurricane events.
  • Series of articles on the topic on how to prepare for a hurricane. From protecting your home, doing the supplies to protecting your car and other assets. And preparing the Malibu Hurricane cocktail at the end :-)
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  • American institution for monitoring hurricanes, predicting their paths and warning people on time. Contains up-to-date maps with the present situation, and future predictions
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  • Blog post from Google explaining how GoogleMaps new feature called "SOS alerts" works in the case of a hurricane or some other natural disaster.
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  • Present situation on the ground and future forecasts from Weather Underground.
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  • Educational video from NOAA (American agency) website, about the measures to be taken in time to prepare for a hurricane. In Related Videos section there are many other interesting videos, like Hurrican Storm Surge, Hurricane Hunters, etc.
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