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Sustainable Fashion

(Eco Fashion, Conscious Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Responsible Fashion, Circular Fashion, Slow Fashion, Vegan Fashion)

Sustainable fashion aims to harness the impact fashion industry makes on the society and the planet, ensuring environmentally friendly production practices, safe and just working conditions and conscious consumption of garments and accessories.
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  • This article reviews recent sustainable fashion trends and provides concrete examples on how to build a more responsible, transparent and respectful fashion through collaboration among different actors.
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  • Fashion for Good is a global initiative that re-imagines how fashion is designed, made, worn, and reused. The website demonstrates innovative examples of collaboration and action paving a more sustainable path for the industry. It also introduced visitors to the fashion museum of the future.
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  • Clara Vuletich is a sustainable fashion designer, researcher, educator, and consultant. In this talk, she describes the less-known aspects of sustainable fashion and what it takes to make truly responsible choices.
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  • The article describes different aspects of sustainable fashion that matter for brands and consumers. It elaborates on the pros and cons of second hand, slow & fair fashion, vegan choices, organic cotton, clothing swaps, minimalism, local production, and recycled materials.
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  • This global fashion movement is present in over 100 countries. It campaigns for systemic reform of the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chains.
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  • In the circular fashion industry, designers, producers, retailers, and consumers are challenged to take the whole life cycle of a garment into account. Flanders DC and Circular Flanders guide you through the principles of this sustainable fashion providing a holistic set of principles to work with.
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  • The talk by a fashion activist Amit Karla addresses the waste problem persistent in the fast fashion industry and show how redesign, upcycling and other creative approaches can cut down the industry's waste close to zero.
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  • The article gives extensive practical advice on how to think more consciously about your clothes, where they come from and where they go. Making your wardrobe more sustainable is as hard as it may seem.
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  • Centre for Sustainable Fashion does cutting-edge research on the vital elements of the future fashion industry that's in line with planetary boundaries. It aims to use fashion to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live.
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  • A documentary that shows all the brutality of today's fashion and the prevailing consumer model. Almost slave labor, the destruction of the environment by chemicals and the accumulation of waste - these are all the consequences of "fast fashion".
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  • The blog provides practical insights and suggestions on making responsible choices for a wide range of clothing types, as well as frequently features reviews of brands and their sustainability claims.
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  • This article is about the difference between «sustainable» fashion and «ethical» fashion. Sustainable fashion focuses on the materials you wear, the processes of manufacture and the environmental damage they cause. Ethical fashion looks at the rights and working conditions of those making the products.
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