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Swarm Intelligence

Hive mind
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What is swarm intelligence? Why is it important for the Artificial Intelligence development?

Biological, organized systems exhibit a form of behavior in which many individual units are combined into one “hive mind”, able to process information in a way many times more efficient than the processing power of its individual units. Because such decentralized network offers remarkable ways of processing information, swarm cognition observed among insects, fish and other animals inspired many groundbreaking inventions in robotics and AI.

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  • In this TED talk, the presenter describes how animal hive mind systems inspired her teams project of designin a swarm of robots.
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  • This short and entertaining video explains the basics of swarm cognition and how it can be harnessed to make human decision making more efficient.
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  • This fascinating research paper describes the processes of hive cognition, and how they are strikingly similar to the neural cognitive mechanisms.
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  • This article takes the swarm intelligence aproach to the global brain, consisting of a network of Internet and its users.
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