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Top Sources on How to do urban gardening?

(Caring for Houseplants, Growing Plants in an Apartment, Urban Farming)
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Living in an urban environment doesn't have to be synonym with a lack of greenery. These resources will teach you how to grow houseplants to liven up even the tiniest city apartment - and even feed your family.
  • An 8-minute video explaining what to look for when you're at a store picking out a plant for your apartment and how to care for it once you get it home.
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  • When you love gardening but live in a city apartment, cultivating a garden can be a challenge due to space contraints. Embracing vertical gardening might just be the answer by allowing you to grow plants in your balcony or empty wall.
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  • A guide on how to grow herbs and vegetables for apartment dwellers.
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  • In this episode of the Bloom and Grow Radio podcast welcomes Lisa Eldred Steinkopf (known as the “Houseplant Guru”) for a conversation about how to care for plants in low light environments such as small apartments, and what are the best low light tolerant plant choices.
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  • A playlist of in-depth youtube videos with all you need to know about growing houseplants.
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  • Britta Riley explains how she created a garden in her tiny apartment and, with the help of others, created a community of window farmers worldwide.
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  • Blog bringing news and advice for urban farmers.
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  • Light blog collecting useful ideas and advice from the Web on how to grow your urban garden. Good for inspiration and getting some information.
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