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Zero Waste

How to achieve zero waste? Zero Waste is an increasingly popular movement aiming to eliminate or at least create as little garbage as possible. The movement encourages people to redesign their lifestyle to prevent waste by reusing products, eliminateing plastic containers (only 9% of plastic is recycled), buying second-hand clothing and composting. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Some members of the community have embraced this concept radically but anyone could benefit from education on this topic and taking steps towards reducing waste.
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Most Helpful Resources

  • Lauren Singer takes you through her zero waste lifestyle and shows how she has kept two years worth of her trash in a single mason jar.
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  • A beautiful Instagram account to inspire your zero waste journey.
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  • 100 tips to keep a zero waste home.
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  • A Begginer's guide to zero waste living.
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  • A Facebook group of people that are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce.
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